Feb 13

Closed For Presidents Day Feb. 18th 2013

Hello All,

I wanted to let everyone know that we will be closed Monday Feb. 18th for Presidents day to commemorate the past and present fathers of this great nation.  We will be back in the office starting at 8:30 AM on Tuesday Feb. 19th.  If you have any questions while we are away feel free to contact our service center at 1-877-262-0247.

Thanks, and have a great rest of the week.

Jason Bentley



Jan 13

Ten Lawsuits That Make You Shake Your Head From 2012

Check out some of the Frivolous lawsuits that have occurred over the past year!!

A lawsuit by a driver who pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and then sued a victim that he killed tops the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s (ILR) survey of the Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012.

“Abuse of our legal system is no joke, and these examples range from the outrageous to the absurd,” said ILR President Lisa A. Rickard. “This poll reminds us that as a society, we sue too much. In turn, these abusive lawsuits inflict harm on lives, jobs, and our economic growth.”

ILR announced the Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012 from votes cast throughout the year by visitors to FacesOfLawsuitAbuse.org. The lawsuits were selected from those featured in the website’s monthly polls for 2012. The Faces of Lawsuit Abuse campaign is ILR’s public awareness effort created to highlight the impact of abusive lawsuits on small businesses, communities, and individuals.

The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012 are:

1.   Intoxicated Florida driver pleads guilty to manslaughter, then sues victim he killed.


2.  Michigan woman files $5 million suit for the leftover gas still in her repossessed car.


3.  13-year-old Little Leaguer sued by spectator who got hit with baseball.


4.  Maximum security inmate who went to jail with five teeth sues prison for dental problems.

5.  Anheuser Busch sued when longneck bottle used as weapon in bar fight.

6.  National Football League fan sues Dallas Cowboys over hot bench.

7.  California restaurateur sued for disabilities act violations in parking lot he doesn’t own.

8.  Colorado man wins $7 million blaming illness on inhaling microwave popcorn fumes.

9.  $1.7 billion suit claims City of Santa Monica wireless parking meters causing health problems.

10. Bay Area parents sue school after their son was kicked out of honors class for cheating.

Jason Bentley



Jan 12

The End of a Great Year – The Bentley Agency and Nationwide Insurance

As 2011 comes to an end we are excited to bring in the new year with a fresh new look on life as a whole, as well as in the NC insurance business.  But first lets reflect on all the good that has occurred over the past 365 days.  Within the past year we have lost a couple of associates that either moved to other offices or retired.  We were happy to have them with us when we did but as in life, things do change.  With that we have brought in associates that love the small town atmosphere this office brings, with exceptional service.

We hope to continue to expand, and I even hope to bring in a bilingual associate in the near future to help grow and expand The Bentley Agency.

As for the numbers ending this exceptional year for us include:

Policies gained over last year is 231.  This is an increase in Policies In Force by over 13.5%!

NC Auto policies increased by over 14% over the previous year!

We at the Bentley Agency have also increased the amount of actual business we handle by over 15% over the previous year.

Our commercial business has grown by roughly 45% over the previous year, and we expect to continue this trend for the next 3 years.

Our life insurance sales has helped families but in times of need but also reduces their cost on the Homeowners and Auto policies!  We have increased life insurance sales by 87% over the previous 5 years, and will be looking to double our numbers again this year.  We have excellent life products to suit anyone’s budget or health issues.

Our retention ratios are the highest in the state of NC based upon our knowledge of the insurance we provide as well as our customer service that helps us with keeping clients happy, as well as referrals that come from the people that do business with us.

We at the Bentley Agency in NC would like to thank each and everyone that has helped make my office a complete success.  Of course as I stated before we will always need to learn to adapt and bring in new and fresh ways to help our clients and future clients with any insurance needs that may arise.

We want to wish everyone a happy and successful New Year.  If you or anyone you know is looking to either start an insurance policy or change companies feel free to give my office a call anytime.  You can also reach me at Jason@TheBentleyAgency.com.

Jason Bentley



Nationwide insurance is the number one insurance company in North Carolina and I expect to keep it that way.